The perfect pair of candlesticks… thanks to LUV.IT

As winter’s been approaching, I’ve been daydreaming of a nice candle-lit Christmas dinner, delicious food and happy family around the table. However there seemed to be a small issue with my dreamy plan – no it wasn’t the cooking, but the lack of candlesticks around our home. No problem, I thought, let’s dive into the endless possibilities of online shopping, surely I can find a lot of great options.

Oh boy, how wrong I was. Everything I found was either too rustic or too kitschy…or simply costs an arm and a leg. So I gave up on my pursuit of candlesticks and my dreamy plan of Christmas dining by candlelight; until….


Until, in November I signed up for a new smartphone app called LUV.IT. LUV.IT combines two things we all love – shopping & social media – I mean is there anybody who doesn’t love both things?! I signed in and there it was, luv at first sight, the perfect pair of Candlestix designed by Avandi Studio. Simple, sleek and timeless.

A few days later a package arrived with the prettiest Candlestix and two sets of beeswax candles. For now I placed them on my vanity, but I have the feeling they will be traveling around the apartment a lot depending on the season. 

P.S.: You guys should definitely download LUV.IT (download link) and look for me in there, my username is @niki_csanyi, just like on IG. The cool thing about LuvIt is that it allows you to create a profile and like, i.e. luv products that will populate on your page so you can revisit them later and buy them. Similar to IG, you can follow and be followed by other users and like their luved products, and you can even link your IG feed to your profile. Also, if someone buys a product you luved, you earn some cash back on their purchase. Easy, peasy ;)